KCM October Bake Sale!

KCM is planning to have a bake sale this week for a fundraiser. The bake sale is going to be on Thursday and Friday in front of Stamp next to the Nyumburu Cultural Center. Please come by and snack on some baked goods!

Location and Date:

Tables in front of Stamp Student Union
October 6th (Thu) from 10 AM – 3 PM
October 7th (Fri) from 10 AM – 3 PM

We’re also going to do tons of baking to prepare for the bake sale so if you’d like to help out, then we’d really appreciate it! Baking will be taking place on Wednesday and Thursday night. The exact times and details will be determined by the point-of-contact (POC) of each location so if you’d like to help, then you can either contact the POC directly or you can email me and I’ll give you their info. Here are the locations for Wednesday night and the POC’s:

  • South Campus Commons 5 – Narrwe Park
  • Parkside Apartments – Lina Chung
  • Seven Springs Apartments – Vicki Chang

Here are the locations for Thursday night and the POC’s:

  • Courtyard Apartments – Cheryl Tam or Lydia Lei
  • South Campus Commons 5 – Narrwe Park
  • Angel Lau’s House – Angel Lau
  • Parkside Apartments – Lina Chung

Also, if you’d like to help man the tables during the actual bake sale, then please let me know! Any of the hours mentioned for the bake sale are available!

For more details, please contact Narrwe Park (narrwep@gmail.com or 443-844-9317).