October 6, 2011

You may remember Josh’s beautiful Chinese, but if you want to hear some more Chinese, just Youtube search “xiao min Canaan hymns”. Xiao Min (小敏) is Chinese Christian and committed her life to Christ in her teens after hearing and believing the gospel while being healed of a long-standing illness. Since then, she has composed over 1400 Chinese hymns since 1990, despite not finishing any schooling beyond middle school or formally learning music. Her hymns are especially moving to the Chinese because they center on the universality of Christ and the gospel while capturing what it means to be Chinese. Xiao Min, while composing whenever the Spirit moves her, also is committed to spreading the gospel in Chinese villages with others in her ministry. Below is one of her better known songs sung often in Chinese churches in the U.S. Its title is 最知心的朋友, or “My Most Understanding Friend”.