University Night! (UNITE) (Sept. 15)

UNITE (University Night) is a night hosted by the various college fellowships in the DMV, that includes George Washington University, University of Maryland, College park, George Mason University and the University of Maryland, Baltimore County. The purpose for this night is to bring all the various college fellowships, churches and other ministries together to worship our God as one body of Christ. The night will be a night of worship that includes praise, prayer, sermon, small groups, games and other various forms of fellowship.

It will be a night to really refresh ourselves in the presence of God through the fellowship with our brothers and sisters in Christ. We hope this will be a time where we can really reflect and bring a passion for the Lord back to our respective campuses.

• Date: Saturday,  September 15, 3-10pm

• Place: Funger Hall, George Washington Univ.

We will meet at 1:30pm in front of Stamp this Saturday to take the metro together.
If you get lost or are running late, please contact us at (240) 389-0526.

Please RSVP on Google docs if you are going:


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