Whats Love Got to Do about it?

The speaker to kick-off Kharis Campus Ministry’s spring 2017 semester was our very own Antwoine Johnson.   His sermon discussed love and three questions about it: Whats God got to do about it, Whats people got to do about it, and What do I got to do about it.  Because of our connection to Christ and the relationship we have with him, we are called, nay, commanded to love our neighbors as ourselves and to show them the same love that we are shown by Christ. Even though we are not able to do this perfectly, that does not give us a free pass.  No one is immune from feeling God’s love if God’s love is being shown through us and if you are confused about how to love others, you need only to look to God in His illustration of love.  Love is humbling, proactive, painful, and sacrificial.  

Jason’s Deli was the dinner of choice after Large Group!