Contact List

Stephen Kim (President):
Jerry Zhang (Vice President):
Daniel Shin (Large Group Coordinator):
Esther Yi (Treasurer):
Faith Lee (Secretary):


If you have a passion to serve and use your spiritual giftings for God, we encourage you to join a subministry! A list of the sub-ministries and it’s contact information are located below. Get involved at KCM! Can’t find something that will fit your niche? If so, you may want to consider coming up with a new subministry! We just ask that you think and pray about the purpose of creating a new subministry and how it will glorify God and encourage our fellow brothers and sisters. When you’re ready, introduce the idea to the officers!

Welcome Team

While welcoming is everyone’s duty these intentional individuals lead by example by (not limited to) greeting you at the door, plugging people into FF. But! That’s not all they do. Welcome team is also in charge of decorations, speaker gifts, newcomer gifts, attendance/registration, and event planning.

Focus Family (FF)

Study the word of God with fellow members of KCM, build reverence for the Word. FF aims to build up fellowship within KCM in a smaller group setting. You can visit the Focus Family page for more details.


Timothy Liu (Mulitcations Leader):

Oversees KCM weekly announcements, powerpoint, supplements + assists praise team, KCM website, advertising of fundraisers/events + promos (videos). Please contact if you’d like to be in a skit, promo video or picture.

Prayer Ministry

Prayer is the powerhouse of KCM… interceders, beggars, lovers of God. Meets up for weekly prayer meetings and keeps accountability of prayer topics/requests.

Praise Team

Eric Lai (Praise Team Coordinator):

Leads KCM towards a right mindset in approaching the things of God– mainly His word being proclaimed.

Fellowship Team

Mission: to encourage fellowship WITHIN and AMONG classes (i.e. freshman, sophomore, junior, senior). To promote class bonding. To organize activities in various KCM events.

Evangelism Team

Duties include: To proclaim Christ’s name, teach and equip others on how to evangelize, in/out-reach, focus on relational evangelism.

Evangelism Explosion (XEE)


Evanglism Explosion is an evangelism outreach program that helps train Christians to effectively share the Gospel message to college students. Its purpose is to glorify God by equipping the Body of Christ worldwide for friendship, evangelism, discipleship, and healthy growth. XEE has been a successful way to reach out to non-believers and impact them with the love of Jesus Christ. Through this program, XEE trainees gain evangelism and leadership skills, as well as get spiritually filled. We highly encourage you to take part of XEE since your view of people and the world will change. If you’re interested, please refer to the information listed below:

Training Sessions: Every Wednesday from 6:00pm – 8:00pm.

Contact Information: Pastor Nathan Lee nl4j @