A New Vision for a New Year

Hello KCM!

I hope the Lord is blessing you in all of your endeavors. This is Jesson Chen and I’m currently the new President of Korean Campus Ministry at University of Maryland, College Park.

As you may already know, KCM is a non-denominational Protestant ministry of college students, mostly of Asian descent (but not only Korean). We are a para-church that serves to edify the local churches in the area and we hold weekly large groups with different guest speakers from those local churches. This years theme/vision isSharing the Love of Christ at University of Maryland, College Park.” Our theme verse is John 15:8-9. You may notice the style of our theme is different this year. Instead of the usual shorter theme we have decided to place our vision within our theme so when people ask us what it is we do, we can tell it to them plain and simple and therefore leaves no excuse for us not actively share the Gospel through our words and actions. We have been given a beautiful opportunity by being placed on this campus and this year we want to encourage our members to step out of their comfort zones and boldly proclaim Christ to our classmates and friends whom we have such close access to.

This semester, we will be going through the Life of Christ in book of John together during large group and are encouraging each speaker to decide their own sermon topic depending on the chapter, with an emphasis on the Gospel.

We hold large groups every Thursday night at 6 PM in College Park, MD starting from September 10th, 2015. However, this year we have some changes with our schedule. Every 3rd Thursday of the month, instead of a sermon we will be going out to actively pray and evangelize through the campus as well as host events such as care package delivery and door to door encouragements.

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In Christ,

Jesson Chen